Care Instruction

General Guidlines For Garments

Before washing any garment always look at the care label and carefully follow the instructions.

Most good quality detergents, washing machines, and fabrics are manufactured to ensure that when the stated instructions are adhered to and the garment is washed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations they will wash well and look good after each wash. We always prefer to use the hand wash in inner wears for long product life.

Top 10 Tips for All Garments

Choose the wash cycle and detergent to suit the most delicate garment in the wash mix.

Prior to washing, undo hooks, buttons, check pockets for loose or sharp objects, and flatten out the collars and cuffs.

Turn garments inside out to avoid and reduce abrasion caused by other garments trims and contamination by fibers from other fabrics during the wash cycle.

Always check and ensure the washing machine is not overloaded.
Use a good quality detergent and ensure that the right amount is used; color safe detergents are always favorable.

Wash light and dark colors in separate washes to avoid contamination.

Check garments regularly for marks or stains and remove them as soon as possible.

Never iron elastic printed cloth as this can have an adverse effect on the fabric structure and color.

Always use the correct dryer temperature for your garment. Too high temperatures will cause undesirable effects on the structure of the fabric.
Separate by color. Put dark with dark, white with white, and color with color.

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